A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Baldi's Birthday is here, but he ate too much cake! He cannot tolerate how much he ate, so he moves around slowly! Playtime is too lazy to jump rope, she jumps one time! Be careful, watch for Baldi!

NOTE: Android version has been disabled due to glitches with the GUIs not working. I will put it back up once I fix this.

CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux

Install instructions

Once you have installed the game, go to the ZIP and right click it. Select Extract All, and select Extract right after that. Once the game is done extracting the files, open the folder, run the .exe, and get ready to play!

Same thing for Mac and Linux versions. Unpack the archive and run the game.

Android version is disabled for now due to a glitch with code.


TOO MUCH CAKE - Windows.zip 47 MB
TOO MUCH CAKE - Mac.zip 51 MB
TOO MUCH CAKE - Linux.zip 63 MB

Development log


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Can you make a version where Baldi won't move at all?

Sure, that's fine.

Thanks! :D

Hi everyone! Thanks for 200 downloads on this game! Let's reach 400, our next goal!

Hello everyone, I have disabled Android versions to this game due to a glitch I discovered. Thumb pad and button GUIs are broken due to me pasting the edited DLLs from the Windows version. For now, it is disabled.

i downloaded this without reading anything thinking this is the actual birthday bash  i literally played the whole game then noticed it was by someone else lol still good game

oh. I just modded everything

How come this game has 93 downloads but nobody has comment why